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AEM Implementation :-

Marketing Makes the Experience

Adobe Experience Manager is an enterprise web content management system that is one of the fastest-growing web platforms used today by major corporations. A leading reason is that it simplifies the management and delivery of websites’ content and assets, and reduces the complexity of delivering online experiences to the right customers. AEM was named a leader in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management research for the seventh year in a row.


Suenetzel believes successful web solutions must pay equal attention to Creativity + Technology. As an Adobe AEM North American Professional Partner STA Digital has developed, managed, and maintained numerous CQ4 and AEM projects for large organizations likeHyatt Corporation and McDonald’s Corporation. With the right team of creatives, developers and administrators, a website built on the Adobe AEM platform can yield powerful results. AEM empowers business users to create, analyze and optimize site content, campaigns, and targeted user experiences. Content authors with no programming experience will find AEM′s in-place page editing intuitive and easy to master. An easily accessible content library with drag-and-drop functionality ensures that media assets are uploaded once and referenced across the site from one location instead of being duplicated and uploaded hundreds of times by many different users. Every aspect of a webpage, from title tags and meta information to paragraphs of content, can be adjusted by content authors or restricted to only advanced administrators. Developers will be excited to use the more advanced capabilities of Adobe AEM, like managing multi-lingual content and global brand messaging across local market web presences, creating and testing changes in real-time to customer segmentation and content targeting rules, and real-time A/B and multi-variant tests . AEM leverages Adobe CMIS and JSR-283-compliant CRX platform and provides IT a 24×7 operating environment. This means hot application updates, hot backups and hot join clustering with on-demand scalability through support for hybrid on-premises and Cloud-hosted deployments are all provided..

Site Core :-

Industry-Leading Customer Experience Management Platform

Sitecore’s Experience Management Platform gives you a single connected context marketing tool for shaping individual customer experiences across all channels. Its ASP .NET-based WCM web application houses everything you need to store, manage, analyze, and update your website’s content. By implementing Sitecore we can provide you with the toolset your marketing team needs to efficiently engage customers.


We are Drupal experts building professional Drupal websites and Drupal web applications for all levels of business.
Drupal is an open source content management system. It is trusted to power millions of sites around the world, so we trust it for yours.
Our Drupal websites are powerful and usable, and built with performance, security, and scalability in mind. We develop websites in Drupal for all levels of need and ability, from simple site editing via user-friendly content management features, to complex database and user management systems. Our Drupal websites give you the ability to update and modify your site content with no knowledge of advanced web technologies. All editing is done through a user-friendly toolbar where what you see is what you get.


Make every marketing engagement unique

Clickability is SaaS web content management for you to rapidly create and deliver your dynamic digital customer experience. Clickability offers a powerful and flexible approach for today’s marketers and publishers tasked with publishing and managing content globally, personalizing customer experiences, integrating campaigns across multiple channels, and swiftly implementing new marketing initiatives. Clickability is so powerful and easy-to-use that even very small technical teams can support large scale and large scope websites.